Material Handling Zone Gives Your Business a Lift

This Zone offers a unique opportunity for factories and industries to source what’s new and in the pipeline for materials handling processes by showcasing new products on display ranging from lifting gear, cranes and conveyors to forklifts and warehousing systems along with experts on the spot to answer questions in detail.

This platform will provide a chance for suppliers of materials handling equipment, tools and solutions to offer their products and services to over 50,000 quality buyers with high-purchasing capacity who come to visit this Featured Zone, a part of Assembly Technology 2014 which has been certified by ‘UFI’ as the world standard trade exhibition and part of “Manufacturing Expo 2014.” It is also the best time of the year for many manufacturers to look for systems that would help them improve and advance their business, so your business can grow and benefit from this opportunity too!!
Once becoming an exhibitor at Material Handling Zone 2014, you are instantly entitled to the following marketing privileges supported by the organizer to maximize your sales leads:
  • Year-round promotional campaign to maximize your return on investment, including advertising and editorial coverage, e-news, direct mail, road shows, factory visits etc.

  • Websites and eMarketing Strategies

  • Pre-show networking functions with target buyers

  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunities to widen your market exposure.

  • Online manuals to help make the exhibiting process easier
• Automotive Parts Manufacturing • Barcode Scanning, Labeling & Printing • Conveyors & Associated Equipment • Cranes and lifting gear • Electric & IE Power Forklifts • Forklift Attachments, Tyres, Batteries & Fuel • Industrial Hoists • Industrial Hose and Reels • Inventory Management Tools • Loading bay equipment • Packaging • Pallets and palletising • Racking and storage systems • Shrink & Stretch Wrapping Equipment • Software Inventory & Supply Chain Management • WMS (Warehouse management systems)
By Industry
• Metal Components & Products Manufacturing • Manufacturing and Processing • Electrical/ Electronics Manufacturing • Aerospace & Automotive, Parts Manufacturing • Motor & Vehicles • Transport, Storage & Handling • Parts & Bearing • IT & Telecommunications • Building & Construction • Rubber & Plastic Products Manufacturing • Material Testing & Inspection • Engineering, Contracting Manufacturing & Turnkey Projects • Tools • Mold & Die • Furniture • Garment & Textile

By Job Function
• Top Corporate Management • Manufacturing Managers • Plant Managers • Material Handling Personal • Production & Design Engineers • Purchasing Managers • Industrial Managers and Consultants
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Engaging Onsite Activities to Your Growth

As a part of "Manufacturing Expo 2014," visitors of Material Handling Zone will benefit from new knowledge, experiences, and business opportunities the following on-site activities have to offer:
  • Automotive Summit

  • Automation Conference

  • Business Delegation  

  • Factory Visit
  • Engineers Master Class

  • Innovative Automation Center

  • And more exciting features!
Featured Pavilion of "Assembly Technology"

Assembly Technology 2014 is the only international exhibition on industrial automation and assembly technologies in Thailand that is widely recognized by technology providers, technology enthusiasts and engineers. To feature 340 exhibitors from 24 countries, the 2014 edition will attract 50,000 buyers from across the region who will be eager to source new automation and robotic technologies. They will find the most comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for factories all under one roof, especially hydraulic and pneumatic solutions... Read more >>>